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DLC coating on a micro-trench by bipolar PBII&D and analysis of plasma behaviour

Wonsoon Park, Hideyuki Tokioka, Masaaki Tanaka and Junho Choi

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics Volume 47, 2014, 335306

In this study, diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating was deposited on a micro-trench pattern by using bipolar PBII&D, and the structure of the DLC film across the overall surface region of the trench was examined by making use of their corresponding Raman spectra. The plasma behaviour (i.e., ion flux, impact angle and energy) in the surrounding of the micro-trench was calculated with the particle-in-cell Monte Carlo collision method (PIC-MCCM). As a result, DLC film was successfully coated on the overall surface of the trench.


Simulation of spatial characteristics of very high frequency hydrogen plasma produced by a balanced power feeding

Kohei Ogiwara, Weiting Chen, Kiichiro Uchino, Yoshinobu Kawai

Thin Solid Films, Volume 547, 29 November 2013, Pages 132-136

Characteristic of VHF plasma produced by balanced power feeding

K. Ogiwara, W. Chen, K. Uchino, Y. Kawai

Journal of Physics:Conference Series 441 (2013) 012022

The effects of a balanced power feeding (BPF) method on a very high frequency hydrogen plasma produced with narrow-gap parallel plate electrodes are studied by 2-dimensional simulation. The property of the power absorption was improved and the electron temperature decreased for the higher gas pressure in the BPF model.


Simulation analysis of triboplasma generation using the particle-in-cell/Monte Carlo collision (PIC/MCC) method

Keiji Nakayama and Masaaki Tanaka

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics Volume 45 Number 49, 2012, 495203

The mechanism of triboplasma generation is theoretically analysed using the particle-in-cell/Monte Carlo collision (PIC/MCC) simulation method for the triboplasma generated in the tribosystem. The calculated particle distributions coincided well with the triboplasma distributions experimentally observed. The previously proposed triboplasma generation due to gas discharging is verified theoretically using the PIC/MCC simulation method.


Vertical electrical conduction in pentacene polycrystalline thin films mediated by Au-induced gap states at grain boundaries

Tomoaki Sawabe, Koshi Okamura, Tomoki Sueyoshi, Takashi Miyamoto, Kazuhiro Kudo, Nobuo Ueno, Masakazu Nakamura

Appl Phys A (2009) 95: 225-232

Vertical electrical conduction in Au/(polycrystalline pentacene)/Al diode structures and the influence of the kinetic energy of incident Au atoms on the conduction property have been comprehensively studied using current.voltage.temperature (I.V .T ) measurements, ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS), atomic-force-microscope(AFM) current imaging, etc.


Related materials
The measurement values and the calculated values of the film thickness of Au atom by the argon gas pressure dependence in a vacuum evaporation equipment are compared. After that, the optimal argon gas pressure from the distribution of speed of the incident Au atom is obtained.

Analysis of Process Plasma via Computer Simulations and Plasma Diagnostics, for N2 Plasma and H2 Plasma [in Japanese]

Modeling & Simulation Working Group, Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ)

Journal of the Vacuum Society of Japan Vol. 51(2008) No. 12 ,pp.807-813 [in Japanese]

The measurement values and the calculated values of the film thickness of Au atom by the argon gas pressure dependence in a vacuum evaporation equipment are compared. After that, the optimal argon gas pressure from the distribution of speed of the incident Au atom is obtained.


Related materials
The simulation result and the measurement result in Prof. Hori Lab. of Nagoya University of the hydrogen plasma in a organic low-K etching reactor are compared.

Predictable topography simulation of SiO2 etching by C5F8 gas combined with a plasma simulation, sheath model, and chemical reaction model

S. Takagi, S. Onoue, K. Iyanagi, K. Nishitani, T. Shinmura, M.Kanoh, H.Itoh, Y. Shioyama, T. Akiyama and D. Kishigame

Plasma Source Sci. Technol. 12 (2008)1-8

A simulation for predicting reactive ion etching(RIE) topography, which is a combination of the plasma simulation(PEGASUS), the gas reaction model, the sheath model, and the surface reaction model was developed. The simulation is applied to the SiO2 etching process of a high-aspect-ratio(HAR) contact hole using C5F8 gas. A capacitively coupled plasma(CCP) reactor of an 8-inch wafer was used in the etching experiments.



岩田健一, 楠本淑郎

J.Vac.Soc.Jpn. (真空) Vol.49, No.3 (2006) 70-72

スパッタ装置において、スパッタ粒子が雰囲気ガスを加熱することを 考慮にいれたシミュレーションを行いました。 DSMC法による計算結果とテスト粒子法による計算結果の違いについても議論しています。


Computational Studies of Voltage in RF Magnetron Discharge


Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Vol.44 No.12, 2005, pp.8635-8639

In RF magnetron sputtering equipment, the relation between equipment size, gas pressure and self-bias Vdc was evaluated in the simulation using PEGASUS. Although the experimental result and the tendency of the simulation result were in agreement, coincidence of an absolute value was not so good. The inharmonious causes are argued in this paper.


Numerical Study on Low Pressure Inductively Coupled Plasma Sources for Nanocrystalline Diamond Deposition

Katsuyuki Okada*, Shojiro Komatsu, and Takamasa Ishigaki Advanced Materials Laboratory, National Institute of Materials Science

Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Sputtering & Plasma Processes (ISSP-2005), Kanazawa, pp.137-140 (2005)

Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of nanocrystalline diamond

Katsuyuki Okada, Environment and Energy Materials Division, National Institute of Materials Science

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 8[7-8] (2007) 624-634

In ICP reactor, comparison with a measurement value and a simulation result was performed to EEDF (electron energy distribution function) in Ar plasma and CH4/H2 plasma. The simulation result in each plasma is well in agreement with the measurement value.


PIII & D におけるプラズマ挙動の PIC-MCC法による計算機シミュレーション PIC-MCC Simulation of Plasma and Gas Flow Field for PBII & D Processing

宮川 佳子, 田中 正明, 宮川 草児

日本学術振興会第132委員会 第167回研究会資料

トレンチ形状や円筒形状の試料にパルス状に電圧を印加したときのプラズマの生成の様子、 PETボトル内部の電極に電圧を印加したときのプラズマやラジカル種の分布などの計算結果を 報告しています。 PEGASUS PIC-MCCM と PHM を用いて計算しました。


Particle-in-cell / Monte Carlo simulation of plasma for inner coating of a pipe

Y.Miyagawa, H.Nakadate, M.Tanaka, M.Ikeyama, S.Miyagawa

Surface & Coatings Technology 196(2005)155-161

A high-density plasma is generated inside a cylindrical target as a result of the hollow cathode discharge effect under a proper condition. The hollow cathode discharge plasma can be applied to the inner coating of the target. In order to analyze the plasma behavior near a cylindrical target, simulations have been carried out using the simulation software "PEGASUS" with a cylindrical coordinate system. The gas pressure was 0.1-600 Pa and a negative pulse or DC voltage (-30kV~-20 kV) was applied to the target. RF (13.56 MHz) and a superposed voltage of DC and RF were also applied.


Numerical study of the characteristics of erosion in magnetron sputtering

Y.Kusumoto, K.Iwata

Vacuum 74(2004) 359-365

The fitting function for predicting the erosion profile of the target of magnetron sputtering equipment is theoretically drawn from the simple model. It is well in agreement with the calculation result and measurement result of PEGASUS.


マグネトロンスパッタにおけるエロージョン形状の 新しいフィッティング関数

楠本淑郎, 岩田健一

J.Vac.Soc.Jpn. (真空) Vol.47, No.5 (2004) 30-35

マグネトロンスパッタ装置のターゲットのエロージョン形状を予測するための フィッティング関数を簡単なモデルから理論的に導出しています。 PIC-MCCM の計算結果や測定結果とよく一致しています。


プラズマイオン注入法の計算機シミュレーション Computer Simulation of Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation and Deposition

宮川 佳子, 田中 正明, 中舘 博, 中尾 節男, 宮川 草児

電気学会論文誌 A(基礎・材料・共通部門誌) Vol.123(2003), No.8 724-730

PEGASUS PIC-MCCM を用いたシミュレーションです。 トレンチ型の試料に 正/負それぞれのパルス電圧を印加したときのプラズマの生成の様子を比較しています。


Computer simulation of plasma for plasma immersed ion implantation and deposition with bipolar pulses

Y.Miyagawa, M.Ikeyama, S.Miyagawa, H.Nakadate

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 206(2003)767-771

Time variations, such as electrical potential distribution and electron density distribution when a bipolar pulse is applied to a trench type sample are calculated by PEGASUS, and the time variation of sheath thickness is compared with the theory of Child-Langmuir.


Dynamic MC simulation for a-C:H deposition in methane plasma based on subplantation model

Y.Miyagawa, H.Nakadate, M.Ikeyama, S.Nakano, S.Miyagawa

Diamond and Related Materials 12(2003)927-980

DLC薄膜中の sp3結合の割合を求めるモンテカルロシミュレーションを行っています。


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