We have some short lecture courses about rarefied gas and plasma simulation.

Course menu

  1. Rarefied gas simulation (30 min.)
    • Desctiption of DSMC method
    • Points of DSMC method
    • Calculation examples

  2. Plasma simulation
    1. Plasma particle model (30 min.)
      • Description of PIC/MCC method
      • Points of PIC/MCC method
      • Calculation examples
    2. Plasma fluid and hybrid model (60min.)
      • Drift diffusion model
      • Transport parameters and hybrid model
      • Calculation examples
    3. Coupling simulation of plasma and neutral species (30min)
      • Points about particle model and fluid model
      • Calculation examples

  3. Feature profile simulation (30min.)
    • Points of Cell model and MC method
    • Calculation examples
  4. Description of PEGASUS modules (30min.)
    • Detailed explanation about PEGASUS modules
  5. PEGASUS training (60~90 min.)
    • Make a calculation condition, run a calculation and show results with using a PC.


50,000 YEN~