Simulation of Atomic Scattering in Amorphous MAterial based on Liquid model


SASAMAL is a simulation software for high dose ion implantation and sputtering developed by Dr. Miyagawa of Durable Coating and Surface Modification Group, AIST Chubu.


SASAMAL developed by Dr. Yoshiko Miyagawa of AIST Chubu is a simulation software by Monte Carlo method based on Binary Collision Approximation. BCA(Binary Collision Approximation) is an approximation method such treatment as continuous binary collision without consideration of multi-body collision in a complex potential field in a solid on the occasion of tracing the motion of ions and recoiled atoms in a target, solid. This approximation is adequate in the case that kinetic energy of the particles in a solid would be comparably high, greater than several tens eV.


  • Energy loss by inelastic collision
  • Displacement energy
  • Surface binding energy
  • Dynamic change of target composition by high dose ion implantation

are considered in the simulation.

Input data

  • Specify mass, energy, incident angle and dose
  • Specify the composition of target
  • Specify surface binding energy and displacement energy

Output data

  • Depth profile on incident ions
  • Change of composition distribution of the target on depth-direction
  • Sputtering yield of each atom consists of the target
  • Angular distribution and mean energy of sputtered atom